Celebrated Pongal with students of Hanam University, South Korea and SRM University, Sikkim


SRM Institute of Hotel management celebrated Pongal both in the SRM Hotel and also in the college along with the students of HANAM UNIVERSITY, SOUTH KOREA, who are here for one month training program entitled SRM-HNU. We also had the final year students of SRM UNIVERSITY, Sikkim, on a program of campus exchange, cultural exchange and to gain a great exposure from the students and faculty fraternity.


It’s a two days celebration where the first day was planned with full of traditional games and activities and second day , Pongal prepared along with religious traditions and exotic menu of traditional cuisines served to all.


The purpose and significance of celebrating Pongal in SRM Institute of Hotel Management is to impart the diversified heritage of our culture to the students of HANAM UNIVERSITY, Korea and the Sikkim students of SRM UNIVERSITY, which was excellently carried out through the events performed.


The students of HANAM UNIVERSITY, Korea and the SRM UNIVERSITY Sikkim students witnessed the event wherein all the female students were given jasmine flowers. The students of our college performed kollaattam, silambaatam and uriattam – the traditional cultural activities of Tamil Nadu. There were cultural events performed by the students of SRM UNIVERSITY, Sikkim as well.


Wide range of menus were prepared including, ven Pongal, sweet Pongal, mocha kuzhambu, vada, sugarcane cake and much more was prepared and small pieces of sugarcane was distributed to everyone which they enjoyed deliciously well.


The joyous celebration served the purpose of exchanging our cultural heritage wishing everyone a prosperous and a happy Pongal!