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Best Hotel Management Institute accredited by HLACT & Certified by WACS & IAO


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Programme Overview

SRM IHM offers one of the best hospitality management courses in the country and is considered by the industry to be strongest and relevant in today’s dynamic world of hospitality. Our programme is based on a modern, relevant updated curriculum – and we believe that our graduates’ academic qualification should demonstrate their excellence in both hospitality and academics. We prepare students to take on management and strategic roles in the hotel and travel industries as well as exciting global hospitality management careers in luxury, finance, retail and all other sectors where customer relationship is key. We believe in molding the better than the ever best.

Applied Learning

Semester I & II
Hands-on experience in all the functions of the hospitality industry, research, sessions with top industry leaders from the hospitality and service industries

Operational concepts

Semester III & IV
Decision making skills to help the student deal with day-to-day operational challenges.

Internship (Summer / Winter)

Managerial Skills

Semester V & VI
Management theories & concepts, interaction with industry experts to give context & clarity on management skills Semester

Research & Strategy

Semester VII & VIII
Final Semester Examinations

Internship – Management

Awards Recognition

SRM IHM is committed to achieving educational excellence in the hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors.

International Collaboration

SRM IHM aims to collaborate with major universities in order to provide students with global visibility.

Industrial Association

We train our students to compete on a global scale. As a result, our students were able to secure 100% placement for the summer/winter internships with leading hospitality brands.


SRM IHM provides three-degree program in core hospitality activities, namely (to be mentioned)

Skill Development

SRM IHM has been established with the primary goal of bridging the divide between the hotel industry and human resources. With this in mind, SRM IHM has arranged a number of short-term training courses.


The SRM IHM is currently housed in a gorgeous building in a picturesque location on the SRM University Main Campus (Kattankulathur), which is located 40 kilometres from Chennai city on NH 45 and about 20 kilometres from Chennai Airport. Potheri is the closest bus stop and railway station. The University is easily accessible by road, rail, and air.

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