Our Facility

If you want to join the SRM IHM, our guide will help you break down the application process into simple steps. Following this guide will help you become acquainted with the procedure and prepare all the documentation.


The library is equipped with books, journals, newspapers, and magazines that are fully open to students, as well as case studies for studying the career of Hotel Management in real-world situations.


The Institute has well-developed classrooms, an auditorium for events & functions and equipped smart class in order to create an environment of skilled management learning. The smart class is well-equipped with projectors, LED displays, and advanced class equipment. They aid in the successful delivery of lectures and aim to provide an environment in which learning can take place without interruption from outside sources.


SRM has excellent athletic and leisure facilities on site, including dedicated facilities for tennis, volleyball, badminton, yoga, and other sports.

Students participate regularly in Inter College, Inter University and State Level Tournaments and have won glory for SRM.

Fitness Centre

To help students stay fit and safe, all hostels have gym and workout centre services, including treadmills, exercise bikes, and other cutting-edge fitness devices.

Bodybuilding equipment is also used in SRM’s men’s central gym.

Any gym and wellness centre is open in the morning and evening.

A balanced body and a healthy mind with Yoga. Yoga lessons are held for students to assist them in maint aining both a healthy body and mind.